The template file below will give you the exact right size model to create a custom modeled lego head. These will fit on standard lego necks but you get to decide what it looks like! It could be anything, not just a human. The interior cylinder you see in the image must be left alone in order for it to fit properly on the lego neck and body but the outside box can be changed into anything you can imagine. Well…with in reason. If it gets to huge it will just tip you lego person over, so size should remain about the same as the cube. The shape is entirely up to you!

Key Points:

  • Don’t change the size or shape of the neck hole
  • Colors don’t work in the 3D printer
  • Your shape can be as complex and high poly as you like (it should be)
  • Your head shape should be roughly the same size as the template you are given in the template

Download Lego Head Template