In art it is hard to define a simple right and wrong. When you make something you might make it well but not like it and sometimes in art mistakes can make even better art. In art is its essential that you define for yourself how you did and why.

That is why we are using the project spectrum. Using the colors of the rainbow we can place ourselves exactly where we feel we’re at. In the example below you can see that Green is our Goal and that a simple translation to a 4 point scale can be done.
But in art there is never going to be just one reason for you to go up or down the scale. That is why it is so important that you define it for yourself. Why you deserve the full spectrum.

What color are you today?

Each day as artists we must reflect on how we did to get better. Below is an example project sheet. Each day of a project is one box to be filled in with the color of the project spectrum you think is the best fit for who you are doing. Maybe you helped someone with their project today, but just for a second (blue-green?). Maybe your clay project broke, but you restarted (orange?). What might be some other examples?

Wherever you’re at mark yourself each day on the project sheet with a brief explanation in the same color. As artists it is ok to both succeed and fail as long as we keep working.