At first glance you may think that her intricate landscape paintings have been carefully crafted by a master’s brush. But Judith Braun takes hold of nothing-she just lets her fingers do the work, literally. This New York-based artist has been into finger painting for most of her career, and it is something she reveres more than a craft. Finger painting for her is a parallel of life, as she uses nothing but her hands, and charcoal as her medium. “All my work uses carbon medium because it is the most common element of life as we know it,” she explains. “So I use my body as a drawing tool, and the material it is made of.” Indeed, if you try to take a look at her works, particularly in her new collection Fingering, you can say that there is life brewing underneath the charcoal-laden details. The trees seem to move and dance in the air, while the landscapes follow a natural contour. Braun’s megalomaniac choice of canvas adds more depth to her works. She paints on life-size spaces, as well as walls, to give onlookers the impression that there’s more to life than what they currently see. Hence, Braun invites them to look closer-and discover more.