Beautiful faces peer from the pages of discarded vintage books. The printed word forms horizontal patterns in contrast with the curving forms of lips and hair, while giving each figure a certain fragility… “as if the wind may blow them away at any moment.” These are the ink drawings of Loui Jover, a Queensland Australia based artist who has been perfecting his craft since childhood.

Jover doesn’t try to connect his pre-written canvas in any meaningful way, instead relying on the chance associations of his drawings and the minds of viewers to draw what conclusions they may. His stark black lines and minimal use of color create a world full of raw emotion – something the dripping, tear like forms in his watery works only help to emphasize.

After studying commercial and graphic art in university, Jover found rather different employment working for the Australian Army as an “illustrator reprographic,” where he did regimental photography and darkroom work. Today he can be found in his back yard studio, diligently working on more in this series and creating a series of large oil paintings based on childhood memories.