Bas-relief[1] is a type of sculpture that has less depth to the faces and figures than they actually have, when measured proportionately (to scale). This technique retains the natural contours of the figures, and allows the work to be viewed from many angles without distortion of the figures themselves.

There is a continuum of the bas-relief technique into the next category, alto-relievo, or high relief. That technique combines the rounded figures with significantly deeper backgrounds. Instead of backgrounds being between a fraction of an inch to few inches deep as they are in bas-relief, they may be a foot to several feet deep in alto-relievo.



Project Goal:
Create a ceramic tile of @ least 4in2 with the image both popping out and carved into the surface.

Target 1:
Design @ least 10 different possible tiles
Target 2:
Create a clay slab with your tile’s dimensions.
Target 3:
Create the sculpted elements of your design & slip & score them onto your tile adding the carved elements to the background.